What amazing work done by Jason!

I was in search of someone who could take the time to draw a portrait of myself. This was in regards to a logo for a new business venture.

I was lucky to come across Jason’s artwork on Instagram. I was immediately drawn to his imagery & colorful imagination.

Jason immediately took interest in our project and from there, the magic bloomed.

Not only is Jason fantastic with his communication, he has fostered quite a professional atmosphere between his Instagram & website. I was sent both a written out estimate & receipt when finished. That made me feel very secure in our transaction.

He was kind, understanding & patient with changes. Happy to make me happy. The turn around time was a small window we agreed upon, he was able to complete our project way ahead of expectancy. I couldn’t recommend anyone better to work with.

Jason is awesome!

Not working with him would be something to miss out on. Polite, professional & timely.

The best of the best.