Sketchbook Selections, June 7th thru June 15th

I’m a little behind on posting, so here are 10 recent drawings from my sketchbook.

There are two here that are particularly meaningful to me. The puppy with a chicken on its back and the nurse with the angel comforting her. The puppy was commissioned be an instagram follower whose dog was hit by a car. He was a cute pup and loved walking around with their chickens (and duck) on his back! The nurse – this was inspired by a good friend of mine who has endured a lot in the last year as an ICU nurse. I don’t name my drawings very often, but this one I would call “coworkers”.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these doodles!

P.S., if you’d like me to doodle something for you, check out my tip-jar. For a tip of any amount, I’ll doodle something especially for you and send you the high resolution image. I’m also available for commission if you’d like a more detailed illustrations.

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