Those new born days seem like yesterday and a million years away at the same time. Checking to see if they’re still breathing… staring at them while they sleep… waking up at the slightest noise and running into their room to make sure they’re safe.

I miss it.

And while I’m tempted to wish I could have it again, or do it all over, it’s so much better to live in the now.

My kids are different.

So am I.

My kids are older.

So am I.

I can mourn it, or embrace it.

I want to embrace it.

I want to embrace them.

I have them today, and I can chose to enjoy them for who they are and where they are at today. I will cherish them always, whether they’re 21 inches long or 6+ feet tall.

And hope I never have to change their diapers again.

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