So you know that kid that tries to throw something in the trash from all the way across the room but misses, then goes and gets it, backs up (but a little closer than last time), tries again, misses, tries again, misses…. And repeats this process until he is about an inch away from the trash can?

Yeah… That’s me.

It summarizes my athletic abilities in nearly every sport I’ve tried. Its the same in basketball… I could really only ever do layups… And even then, I typically choked if it was a fast break. I’ve also been known to score a few for the other team. I’m that dedicated.

In baseball or softball whenever I would come up to bat the entire outfield instinctively walked forward knowing that if I manage to get the ball passed infield it would be a miracle.

You know what’s good about being bad at stuff tho? I have to put in a ton of work if I want to improve. The reason that’s good is because I learn to learn. I learn to shake it off, try again… And again… And again… And again…

I’m not always good at that learning thing tho (ironic yeah?), so this post serves as a simple reminder to self to get back up, try again, and don’t take yourself too seriously. I may not be naturally gifted at everything, but hard work always beats talent. And when it doesn’t, at least you know you gave it your best effort.

Oh…. And this really isn’t about sports. It’s about life.

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