How’s your week going? It’s a little overwhelming for mama bear, as you can see…

This was originally drawn as a response to my instagram story asking “What’s on your mind?” but it works well for today’s inktober prompt: “stuck” The answer to my story was: “Overwhelmed! Terrible 2s and exam week at the same time!” Boy howdy, that does sound overwhelming!

For whatever reason, this is the image that came to my mind. Mama bear just can’t get a break!

Every one of us has a different road and a different set of circumstances, but all of us know that overwhelmed feeling. And it’s funny, it usually makes you feel very stuck.

I hope if you’re there right now you can take a moment to just breathe. I know it sounds too simple, and like we shouldn’t need to be reminded, but to be overwhelmed is by definition to be buried or to drown.


It really does help.




Don’t think.

Don’t solve.

Don’t panic.

Just breathe.

I give you permission.


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