“What makes you tick?” asked Alistair.

Asterisk seemed confused. “What’s that mean?”

“You know… like… what makes life… i dunno…. lifey… I guess.”

Asterisk stared at the ground a while. Alistair knew he must be thinking about food. That little rabbit loved to eat. Ate so much you think he’d be twice the size.

After some time Asterisk looked up and smiled.


This little glimpse into the friendship of Alistair and Asterisk came to mind for today’s inktober prompt: tick. I know… it’s not a bug… but once my mind went down the track of “what makes you tick” I just had to center in on friendship in some way. I feel like that is what gives life meaning for me. It makes life… lifey. People. Relationships. Others.

How about you? What makes YOU tick?

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