I haven’t posted in two whole days…the longest break I’ve taken since I can remember. I have plenty of work to share, but I wanted to share this drawing in particular. Problem being, I just couldn’t find any warm and fuzzy words for such a warm and fuzzy drawing. I wasn’t feeling particularly happy, so I felt like I’d have to lie and make something up that would be flat and insincere.

I’m feeling less not happy today, so I’m giving it my best shot while the window is open 😁

Here’s the thing: life just isn’t always warm and fuzzy. That’s normal. And that’s okay.

No need to pretend. No need to “suck it up”.

Admit it. Sadness is real, and hiding it doesn’t make it go away.

Not that I’m saying sulking is necessarily healthy either… what I am saying is that those warm and fuzzy moments, they just aren’t going to be the normal every day thing.

This is what makes them so special.

(P.S. – Various products featuring this design are available here)

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