A British rodent by the name of Truffles is the holder of the highly sought after Guinness world record for the longest jump by a guinea pig. Truffles first set the record in February of 2012 at 20cm. He broke his own record that same year in March with a jump of 30cm. In an unprecedented show of superior physical conditioning and athleticism, Truffles yet again broke his own record with an unheard of jump of 48 cm in April.

Truffles’ record still stands today. Truffles, unfortunately, does not.

There is also speculation in guinea pig jumping circles that the drug tests that Truffles had to pass during competition may have been falsified.

We’ll never really know.

This guinea pig is not Truffles by the way. He is not even related to Truffles. In fact, he is not like Truffles at all. He does however probably eat plenty of truffles. It is yet unknown whether he will ever beat the world record for most truffles consumed by a guinea pig. This is mostly because this guinea pig is completely fictional, and to my knowledge, that record is as well. I mean the truffle eating one. The jumping one is quite real.

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