Fridays definitely had a different feel in the school days. Or maybe I just remember it fondly because I never did homework. Don’t get me wrong–I had plenty of homework to do…

But now as an adult I have this stupid conscience thing, and those pesky responsibilities that totally ruin the whole concept of a weekend.

Nobody warned me of this.

Can’t just turn it all off for two days, sleep until 1pm, eat chips and soda for breakfast, and play video games until 4am.

But that’s alright – I still love Fridays anyway.

Sleeping until 8AM is the new 1PM.

Chips and soda for breakfast are now waffles and coffee.

I haven’t played a video games since Mario was 8 bit. Now it’s just listening to music, or playing music, working out, or drawing.

And you know what? I wouldn’t go back. Turns out I like having boring Friday nights and some responsibilities to keep me on my toes through the weekend.

Who would’ve thought.

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