Interesting developments this week in my ever changing relationship with the resident feline. We’ve had this bucket of floof for going on 4 years now. She’s always been super independent and resistant to anything resembling love.

Until now.

Only recently she’s becoming more affectionate with me. But now I’m scared to wreck it, so if she comes in for a cuddle, I’m stuck. Like, for hours.

Now, a couple artistic licenses I should highlight within this otherwise super photorealistic fine art. First, I’m not this thin. Second, my desk is not this tidy. Third, my coffee’s never actually that far away. But you get the idea.

Don’t. Disturb. The floof.

Anyway, maybe it’s a reach, but this got me thinking. All relationships take time and effort and patience. They change over time, and that can be a wonderful thing. They can’t be forced, and if they are worth something, they must needs be cultivated.

Be patient.
Be available.
Be open.

And be ready to get scratched a couple times along the way.

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