After yesterday’s post about the monster within, I figured I’d follow up with this one. I actually drew this one back in January but never posted it.

This is one of 4 other drawings I’ve done recently with this theme of seeing a reflection of our own selves. In this one, I’m emphasizing the need for accepting oneself.

I don’t believe accepting oneself means we don’t seek to improve, or that we ignore our faults, or pretend that we are not in need of forgiveness of wrongs, or are by any means perfect.

Acceptance of oneself is just like the acceptance of others. We know it is right to love one another and accept one another without condition. It is rational that this would apply to ourselves as well.

What would you tell your best friend, or someone you care deeply about? How would you talk to them about their troubles? Talk that way to yourself as well.

Just like loving others and accepting others is not always easy, neither is accepting ourselves. Especially since we know our own monsters very well.

Sometimes it takes work.

But it is always worth it.

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