I have a few unspoken goals for my art. They’re hard to articulate, so I won’t bore you, but this drawing here represents three different skills I am practicing in order to reach those goals.

Coincidentally, I had two very interesting conversations today on the topic of goals. One of them was with a sweet little girl, probably around 4 years old. Long story short, she had asked me how I had learned to do something, and I said “Well… I practiced”. She told me, “Ooooh… I’m a ballerina. I practice a lot. I have very strong legs. Sometimes I kick my dad and it hurts him and I feel bad.”

She made me laugh. She was a such sparky little tyke. I love kids–their innocence, spontaneity, and inquisitiveness.

Her sweet little heart reminded me of a couple little thoughts about goals.

Practice is necessary if you want to achieve anything. And practice–it’s not always easy. It can make you sore, it can make you frustrated, it pushes you into uncomfortable positions, but it’s always necessary. It’s the most essential of rungs in the ladder toward your goals.

So don’t give up! Practice makes progress, and progress takes time. You’ll get there eventually–and even if you don’t, at least you’ll learn the value of persistence and effort along the way.

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