Sometimes I get tired of drawing. This is probably because I’m really bad at drawing for drawing’s sake (i.e. practicing). I’m always wanting to make a new masterpiece.

I say “new” as if I’ve ever created one masterpiece.

I’ve always been this way. Can’t sketch for the sake of learning, or trying something new. It’s always gotta be “something”.

And that can be exhausting.

In the last few years, I’ve definitely leaned toward drawing something I think will get me more likes, or comments, or follows. It’s a trap most insta-artists fall into. Instead of creating something we really want to create, we create something we think others want us to create. That’s not always bad–art should be enjoyed, and we want our art enjoyed. The problem starts when we no longer enjoy creating it at all.

That said, I was a little tired this week, and feeling uninspired. I was sitting in the airport thinking about what to draw next, or if I should draw anything at all. Ever again. So I just asked myself, “what do you want to draw.”

If no one saw the drawing, what would you want it to be?

I’d want it to be real.

Real people. In real life. Doing real things.




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