Something you might not know about me … One of my other hobbies is music. I play guitar, bass, piano, and percussion (primarily). The coolest part is being moderately ok to alright skill wise in comparison to the number of years I’ve put into it. That’s super neat.

If I told you I’ve spent the better part of three decades playing instruments, you might expect me to rarely make mistakes, or to be able to play more advanced music. Instead, I still struggle with the basics, forget what I’ve already learned minutes after learning it, and fumble through songs I’ve played for years.

To be fair though, I rarely practice.

Turns out that part is important.

— Art Notes —

Drawn in affinity photo for iPad for the inktober prompt “forget” coupled with the affinitober prompt “music”. I love to play, but still struggle with forgetting how to play songs… Sometimes in the middle of them… Which can be super fun.

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