Funny thing about the Boogeyman… He’s just a figment of our imagination. And we always imagined he was out to get us. But what if he wasn’t? What if he was just a friend who never slept, and got kinda bored at night. I like that better.

You know when you are in a strange place and don’t want to be alone? He didn’t want to be alone either. Living in the closet or under the bed is kinda lonely and scary. Just a misunderstood dude who came out to stretch his legs and chill while we snoozed. Rocked us back to sleep when we were restless.

Even the Boogeyman needs a friend.

— Art Notes —

Took the Boogeyman route for inktober’s prompt “Booger”. Affinitober’s prompt was “autumn”, which works because, I don’t know, seems like the Boogeyman was only active in the fall. Or was that just my Boogeyman?

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