Porcupines typically only live 3-5 years. I think this one’s life span may be a little less judging by its lack of critical decision making skills.What it lacks in wisdom though, it makes up in ingenuity.

If you haven’t met Asterisk yet, that’s the little bunny there watching his pokey little friend fly by. Technically I created him to join us on this inktober adventure… after I first created Alistair (a dragon which proved to be a little too difficult to draw 31 days in a row for me to keep up with). His first appearance was on day 2 helping a T-Rex decide what to wear. This is only his second appearance for inktober… but hopefully he’ll get some more game time shortly.

I’m curious – any of you ever been skewered by one of this prickly rodents? I’ve never even seen one in the wild… but I’ll bet I would not enjoy being on its bad side…

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