A bit of irony in today’s inktober prompt: pressure. Honestly, for some reason, the hardest prompt I’ve done in a long time. I had probably 1,000 ideas, but couldn’t draw any of them to save my life. I was choking under the pressure!

Not really… I mean, there’s no REAL pressure in doodling things for fun, but once I start over thinking it… once I try to come up with a really good idea instead of just letting the drawing come to life as I make it, that’s when I tend to freeze and not remember how to use a pen.

You know that feeling when all reason, all skill, all intelligent thought is just gone? I think we’ve all been there. Stage fright… missing what should’ve been an easy winning shot… forgetting how to form sentences when you’re talking to your crush… tripping over your feet when people are watching you…

At some point we’ve all choked under pressure.

That’s ok though… it means you care. It means you’re human. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure, it means you’re a try-er… a doer.’

So much better to feel some pressure from time to time because you’re getting yourself out of your comfort zone, than to sit around laughing at people who do because you’re too scared to try something new.

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