I think there are times when distraction is a good thing. Maybe even a healthy thing… to give your mind a little mental break from some other stressful problem. There are times though when distraction is probably not so great… like when trying to cook dinner… for example. A good way to test the batteries in your smoke detector, but a bad way to impress the friends you invited over to enjoy your signature chili.

I can neither confirm not deny whether this post is based on actual events.

Distraction doesn’t always come in the form of technology, though that does seem to be the prevailing thing in our day. Ever feel distracted just by stress itself? Some impending deadline? Ever had that paralyzed feeling when you have too much to do and have NO clue where to start? Or distracted by your feelings? Too frustrated, too angry, too sad, too asdkjflaksdjflaksdjf to even think?

Sometimes, if I remember to, I find the most relief in those types of distracting moments by simply closing my eyes, breathing slow, and focusing on every breathe until I can reset. Like a little ctrl+alt+delete for the brain.

That or screaming into a pillow. Whichever.

How about you? Any tips for dealing with distractions?

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