Never been a sports guy myself… can’t really play ’em, don’t really watch ’em. Which basically means I’m absolutely terrible at small talk. But even though I don’t have a ton of experience playing sports, I do know they teach a lot of great life lessons.

Take for example: planning.

Everybody plans to win. But even if you have all the best plans, you might *still* lose. Or at least have to work really really really hard to win.

Flexibility when your plans fail… courage to try something different… determination…. perseverance… all the other warm and fuzzy words that go on cat posters… that’s what makes the difference.

So what if you got knocked down today? So what if you’re down 0 to 49? It’s not about the last play, it’s about the next one. And the next one. And the next one.

Time to get back up, revise the plan if you need to, and move the ball forward!

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