I have a hard time listening. This is likely not surprising to you as, you may have noticed, I am a male of the species.

I have lots of other excuses too.

If there’s any other conversation nearby, or any loud noise, or basically any sound other than complete silence, I can’t focus.

If there’s something important on my mind, or something unimportant, or any passing unrelated thought at all, I get distracted.

I said I had excuses. I didn’t say I had good ones.

Listening is hard for me literally, but also figuratively. Who should I listen to when two voices are saying two different things?

Do I listen to the positive or the negative?

Do I listen to the praise or the criticism?

Do I listen to the good or the bad?

Do I actually have to choose?

Maybe I should learn to listen to both. There’s likely truth in both, if I’m not too distracted, or too stubborn to hear it.

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