I like flowers. So does my dog. I think we like them for different reasons though. He likes to smell them… and… well… he also likes to mark them so everyone else knows they are his.

I just like to look at them. (I don’t mark them… in case you were wondering.)

There’s something mesmerizing to me about the shapes and patterns, the colors and delicacy of flowers. And then there’s the fleeting nature of them. They bloom so fast and fade away. Lots of meaning and lessons for life wrapped up in a simple flower.

But to enjoy them—I think that’s their purpose. Mmmk, I know that’s not the scientific purpose for them. Maybe just their purpose for me. If I listen closely, they tell me to remember the fleeting nature of life, but also to enjoy its beauty, intricacy, and intrinsic value.

How about you? Do you like flowers, and what’s your favorite kind?

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