Ever had someone tell you “don’t worry, it’ll all work out” and feel really annoyed? I mean, ya, I’m sure it will work out, but, it’s not worked out yet and right now, this is just really hard.

Unknowns are so difficult. How long will this last? What’s going to happen? How will I deal with this? How will I survive?

For each of us, the circumstances are different, and so is the complexity and magnitude of these questions. But all of us have been there in some way, and many are there right now.

So I’m going to resist telling you “it will all work out”. Not because I don’t believe it will (I do), but because sometimes that might not be what you need to hear. What I’ll tell you this time is, I know it feels crappy, I know it feels hard, I know that it sucks, and I’m sorry.

Consider this my offer to sit with you for a moment and just sigh with you, be concerned with you, bear a little of the load with you, and hopefully in so doing, make you feel even the tiniest bit of relief.

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